Driving Directions to Dunbar Creek Catch Release Fly Fishing Only Section (Simplest Route)  
  1. Take US-119 North from Uniontown, or South from Connellsville to the Fayette County Fair Grounds.

  2. At the red light, turn onto the road past the fairgrounds and follow it down the hill (basicaly straight) untill you reach Peachin's Shopping Village. (Good CHEAP place to eat. Also has excellent Sports Shop with Fly Fishing/Tying Supplies).

  3. Proceed past Peachin's to the Stop sign and turn left. The stream on you left is Fergusson Run.

  4. Follow this road to the next Stop sign. This intersection is the place where most people who get lost, make the wrong turn. DO NOT TURN! Proceed STRAIGT across the intersection. across the bridge (over Dunbar Creek).

  5. The Dunbar / Ohiopyle Road will swing to the right just after it crosses the bridge and run just to the east of the stream from here to the State Game Lands #51 Maintenance Building.

  6. When you come to the fork at unmarked Cow Rock Road, keep to the right, staying on the main road with center lines.

  7. The Catch Release Fly Fishing Only section begins at the sign for the Quarry, several winding miles up the road.

  8. There are parking pull-offs all along Dunbar / Ohiopyle Road.

  9. To reach the Dirt Road and Upper Sections of Dunbar Creek, continue following the road till you reach the State Game Lands #51 Maintenance Building, about 2 mile past the Quarry sign. The Dirt Road is just to the right of the buildings.

  10. Proceed up this road to any pull-off or to the parking lot or turn-around areas.

  11. Tight Lines, Barbless hooks, and Beautifull Fish Released from Your Line!