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Old Industrial Dunbar
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1900 Map Of Dunbar Boro
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     The town of Dunbar, Pennsylvania was settled in the late 1700s and incorporated as a boro in 1883.  This valley was a root of the iron and steel revolution that catapulted southwestern Pennsylvania into world prominence as the production center for the new heavy industrial economy.  The Dunbar Valley was a near utopia for producing iron steel and glass.  Nearly all the required resources for commercial production existed literally within eyesight of this small town.  These included iron ore, charcoal (from the forest), coal for coke, limestone & building stone, water and refractory clay.

     When you visit now, it is hard to imagine that the Dunbar Valley was once a thriving industrial center, complete with homes, churches, cemeteries, Iron, Coke, Charcoal and Glass Furnaces, Hydro-Power Dams, Deep and Strip Mines, Tunnel and Surface Quarries, Railroad Yards, Refractory Clay Pits and Brick and Coal-Byproduct Ovens.  But, the unbelievably rich resources present in the ridges to the south of town (The Dunbar Creek Watershed) were the fuel that fired a frenzied industrial boom that rapidly built Dunbar into a thriving commercial center that thrived as long as the resources lasted then faded in disrepair and decay as the resources ran out.  The shortages of two world wars assisted in the deconstruction of Dunbar's industrial facilities.  The acute need for scrap steel resulted in the demolition of the outdated facilities.  The structures were dismantled and cut into pieces to provide raw material for the war efforts.  The scrapped pieces of Dunbar's old mills were fed to the newer furnaces that had been built down river toward Pittsburgh to create new metal using new technologies

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