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     My first exploration of the upper Dunbar valley, brought me the inspiration to create this site.  When I started my hike, I expected to find a shrinking continuation of the stream conditions that one sees along the roads.  I was not prepared for the rugged beauty that I found.  I instantly fell in love with this solitary and fragile treasure.  The treasure is protected in its steep sloped keep, but still vulnerable to man's ravages.  The area has suffered deforestation, strip and deep mining, acid mine drainage and silt pollution.  However, nature has repeatedly healed the wounds, sometimes quickly, and at other times over many years.  Some of the activity has left permanent scars and damage while other actions have been obliterated from sight.

     The red-orange line shows the approximate route taken on the Upper Dunbar Creek Tour.  The tour starts at the upper parking lot at the end of the dirt road.  It then follows the jeep and ATV trails up the valley to the top of the mountain (Not quite to the source).  We walk the stream bed back down the mountain, except where it is heavily blocked with fallen trees or other obstacles.

     The images in this section of the tour were taken with my Kodak DC-5000 digital camera.  I highly recommend this camera for the outdoorsman that wants a reliable point and shoot camera, hardened against rain and snow and dirt.


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